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Sayandeep Dey 2.0

Sayandeep Dey is a successful businessman and a digital marketer with a business running all over India. He is the man behind the progress of Bengal digitally. He runs a One-stop Management Solution company called Apostrope and it is now one of the best of its kind.

He started the business in the year 2018 along with two other partners and with a different business model i.e. more of a online media and news portal. But with the partners setting apart, he went on alone with the ideology of helping other micro, small and medium enterprises with all the services they need to become successful and see their dreams come true.

In his speech at TedTalks, this year back in January 2025, he told “I can only become successful if I help others to succeed and achieve their goals”. Till now he has helped more than 50,000 startups to gained success.

He has an office at Bangalore along with his headquarters in Kolkata which is just beside his own bungalow. So he often travels between the two for work.

He got married to Shrestha Saha last year in January, after dating with her since 2019, which was of course a grand one showing the quality of event organized by himself. He is supported by Shrestha Saha in every step of his business, infact the finances of Apostrope are handled by her only.

Sayandeep is focused towards his health and fitness. He does regular exercise along with following a healthy diet. He loves to travel a lot and is often seen exploring different places in India. Along with these he also seems to donate much of his earnings for the well being of the people. With these, his wife and a team of 250 employees he strikes to achieve the best one-stop management solution company in India. His aim is to leave a mark in the corporate world and be named as the man who made the difference.

Sayandeep Dey

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