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You must be thinking: What are Management Stories?

Have heard about Success Stories but what are Management Stories?

What is the use of Management Stories/ why is it important?

What are the components of a good Management Story?

Don’t worry I am going to answer all your questions through this article. So stay with me till the very end.


What are Management Stories?

Well you might have read Success Stories of entrepreneurs, successful people in any field over the years for motivation and inspiration to work harder with consistency.

If I say success stories can be used for getting a better opportunity in the corporate world or to gain promotion also, would you agree?

Yes, you heard me right!!!

As you know, your managerial experiences matter a lot, no matter in which field you are in. This ultimately leads to your promotion or gives you better opportunity in the corporate world.

So the most powerful way to express your hard work as an employee or as a manager is to share Success Stories of your career, which are best described though Management Stories.

Management Stories are short and crisp not like the 20 pages long Case Studies.

Management story is the analysis of how you as an employee or a manager solved the managerial challenges raised due to a specific scenario of the particular company you are working in, and helped in smooth functioning of the process by achieving the desired goal with quantifiable results.

Now let’s look at

Why it’s so much important and what’s the use of it?

Management Stories help you to showcase your work, skills, managerial decisions taken by you, and how you as an employee or as a manager contributed towards the success of a company and solved its managerial problems.

Your Management Story is unique, showcasing your work, so you shouldn’t worry because no one can duplicate it. This uniqueness of the management stories will always help you to grown as a working personnel, and to gain a competitive edge over others and become an asset in your dream company.

Management Stories also help to train the upcoming generation employees of real life situations and how to tackle it if they face a similar problem/situation.

Don’t forget that Content Marketing is the best way for Personal Branding, and Management Story is the best and simple way to brand your Work Life.

Once you know how important and useful Management Stories are you should have a knowledge of the basic components of a Management Story. So…

The Components of a Management Story

  • Title: Title is the most crucial thing if you want to drive the attention of the employers to read your Management Story. Think it from a reader’s perspective, as both you and I know that a book is always judged by its cover. So you need to understand that people only read Management Stories if the title of the stories can drive their attention interest.
  • Challenge: Just after the title, you need to tell about the challenges or the problems of the situation. Every employee or manager faces a complicated unusual situation in their work. Describe the problem in detail so that the Management Story grabs the attention of the reader.
  • Background: There may be several problems in Management on which you need to work on. So your task is to highlight the major problem based on the aim and objectives that the company sets.
  • Possible Options: After writing about the challenges you need to determine the goal that you had to achieve for your company. So that you can discuss all the possible options you had, to solve that problem and fulfill the goal. This also denotes that you have stretched yourself to the fullest and taken all the possible solutions into account.
  • Decision: In other words, it’s how you planned a strategy to address the pain points/ problems. You need to tell everything in detail and how you implemented that practically, step by step to fulfill the challenge.
  • Results: Share about what was achieved as the result of the decisions/actions taken by you. Numbers and analytical graphs always quantify your contribution to the company, so don’t ever forget them. Yes!! Numbers do really speak for themselves.

Now that you know about the basic staff, allow me to give you some

Pro Tips of Creating a great Management Story

These are needed when you are well accustomed with the basic staff.

·         Highlight the key points and use storytelling

Before writing a Management Story, you need to think about the key points that determine the big story behind your story, without which it is in complete.

These key points can be for example what is happening already as a result of your work i.e. the present and future large-scale impact of what you have done.

So you need to highlight each and every crucial point of the Management Story as the decision-makers can read in-between the lines.

Also you need to keep in mind that the Management Stories are not meant to be long and boring. It needs to be to the point.

It has to be more like a one-to-one conversation you are having with a person in a personal tone, so that it becomes engaging and creates a desire to finish reading the whole story.

·         Ask for feedback!

Don’t let the conversation stop after you conclude. Ask readers for feedback and comments. These will show a positive side of your personality.

These will help you to build trust, give a personal touch among readers which ultimately leads you to becoming a personal brand.

Apart from that, who knows that the reader might get impressed and he/she might offer you a position at your dream company.

I guess it’s finally time to Conclude

Management Stories are unique with their ability to combine Success Stories with the management decisions of your Career.

What challenges did you face at your work? What solutions did you provide by taking management decisions or with your managerial skills?

HR Managers automatically get the in-depth answer to these questions through a Management Story thus it also helps you in gaining an advantage over others and also helps you to build a Personal Brand.

In this blog I explained about what really are Management Stories?

What is the use of Management Stories/ why is it important?

What are the components of a good Management Story?

And also gave you some Pro Tips in writing a great Management Story…

After reading the whole article you might think that writing a Management Story needs time and hard work, and it’s true but believe me it’s worth giving the hard work.

So, now that you know the basics of a management story, it’s time to share the story of your work life.

Don’t wait anymore are start creating your Success Story now.

And with that keep on learning more about Management Stories and how you can fully utilize it for personal branding with Apostrope…

Because for Apostrope- Even You Count.

Sayandeep Dey

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